Mamma Mia - here we go again

Greece. It was so long on my bucket list, but for some reason I was always postponing my visit there. It just seemed to be such a magical place and I thought that by not going there I can keep it just like I imagine it for a longer period of time. I feel so silly now, because it was so much better than I imagined. So much better in a thousands of ways. So much better than an idyllic Instagram post. This story is not going to be about Santorini or Mykonos, but is going to be about empty little white towns, crystal clear waters of Mediterranean sea and people who live there to tell the story.

This was my first sailing holiday, and I can tell you already, not the last one for sure. We started our journey from Alimos (Port near Athens), the weather was nice and warm, although it was the end of September. At Alimos Port, we were greeted by our captain, who prepared us some local Greek aperitifs and promised us the best time of our lives. He was quite right. Nothing else can compare with Greek sunsets, salty waves, magical wilderness and absolute calmness. Time stops and nothing else in the world matters.

Water hypnotises.

Living in my bathing suit with a book in one hand and chilled white wine in the other, I could not help but wonder: what is this if not a happy life?

And it's not that I am a millionaire, in fact I am very far from being one, the thing is that we create too many obstacles in our heads. If you can think of it - you can possibly do it. And usually it costs just one tenth of what you expected it to be.

If someone would ask me where I have the best food so far? It wouldn't even take me a second to think. Greek food is the most colourful, fresh and tasteful food you can get. Juicy salads with white blocks of fresh Feta cheese makes my mouth watery every time I remember it. Not to mention all the seafood and wine. No wonder they call Mediterranean diet to be the best one out there.

Every day we spent in the most beautiful islands (Paros, Sifnos, Serifos) wondering around white small houses with blue roofs. Eating Giros and discussing that life is too short and we want to be forever young...

And every evening we spent on the boat. Having dinner on the yacht with the ones you love the most watching breathtaking sunsets was the best thing I could have asked for. I am usually avoiding this word. But it was PERFECT.

We spent seven days on the water where the only worry was not to miss the sunrise or the sunset.

The last two days we spent in a beautiful villa located in Kea island. These two days were so special and emotional - just the ideal last chapter of our holiday.

Although I wouldn't call it holiday. It was pure meditation.

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