New York, New York!

I couldn't help but wonder, is New York just another word for romance?

How can you fall in love with something that you have not experienced before?

How can you say I love you without being there?

How can a city become a lover?

Trust me it can & it did.

New York is everything and more. Much more.

Coffee. Streets. Art. Food. Fashion. Bagels. Cocktails. Noise. Parks. People. Architecture. Music. Photography. Nostalgia. Movies. Trash. Taxis. Lights. Cheesecake and ... ?

P A S S I O N. D I V E R S I T Y. Y O U T H.

And this is where I stop writing. I close my notebook and stare at the Empire State Building.

How many movies were set here? How many everyday stories passed by this building? I am here now. I am here, where everything is possible.

I am here where I can feel. Alive.