A Girl or A Woman?

Female is such a complex piece of art. Can I use word ART? I think I MUST. When God created a woman he probably said: "This is my masterpiece". Like Goldmund (from Herman Hesse book) created his own women's icon for many years. And it is not because I am feminist or I intend to say that women are superior its just that we are so delicate and fragile, emotional and caring, warm and cold keepers of beauty. However, when it is the time to become a woman? When is it the time to raise your nose and confidence? It all starts with... UNDERWEAR! I think women's lingerie is a very personal and delicate thing. It is like a secret chapter of our book. Because we can be anyone we like. Victoria Secret angel or a Minnie Mouse. You choose.

My belief is that a man should wear good shoes and smell amazing. And women? We should wear lingerie which kills when "accidentally" pops out from our cozy knitwear. Ladies, it is your weapon. You present your inside with your outside. Let it shout "I am confident", "I am sexy" " I am THE woman". Show your advantages with a touch of spices.