Paris, Dior, Wine and more.

Have you ever thought about super girlie Paris getaway? Dreamt - yes, but for real? Neither did I. It all started last summer, on a train Vilnius to Kaunas, super tired, but ready to conquer the world. My friend Dovile mentioned that there is one of the biggest ever Dior exhibitions taking place in Paris until January. That was it. We need to go. Four months later, we are here, posing in front of Le tour Eiffel mouthful of macaroons, drinking prosecco and shouting that the world is ours. And it was, for that minute for sure.

So, in Paris, we spent three days. We had a clear plan what we want to see and where we want to go. We bought Dior exhibition tickets maybe a month ago, and it was an absolute bargain - 12£ only! I have to say I could not spend 12£ in any way better. The exhibition was extraordinary, mind-blowing and huge! I was walking around the different rooms with my mouth open. Wow...

Dior exhibition

Dior exhibition

So we skipped the long queue and spent around 2 hours walking around the exhibition. Apparently, we could have spent much more time than that, but our Paris 'to do list' was longer than two bullet points. We stayed in Le Marais - aristocratic district of Paris. We loved it because there you feel like you are in a small and cozy town rather than in a big and busy city. Also, Le Marais is home to all the fashion boutiques and cute coffee shops. Moreover, this is the place where we tried the famous el falafel (L'as du falafel). I honestly thought that it is going to be another touristy place, but we still gave it a shot. Guys. If you are ever in Paris, wake up early and go to L'as du falafel. I am going to say no more, cause I am starting to feel very hungry.

L'as du falafel

Then, of course, we had to take the picture in the place where girls from Gossip Girl were posing too. I would never guess it's Paris! Would you?

Le Marais

I love to do my research on every trip. In this case (Paris), I have watched few movies just to get in the Parisian mood. I am talking about Julie & Julia. Yes, yes - Bon Appetit! I know this phrase comes to the mind when you think about this movie. But, do you remember this cute books shop where Julia bought her French cooking book in Paris? It is called Shakespeare and Company, and it is the name of two independent English-language bookstores that have existed on Paris's Left Bank. And this was another thing that we wanted to tick on our list. However, many people do not understand what is so WOW about these places. For me - it's the closest you can get to the culture, people and city's vibe. I want to be French, even for a day or two.. just have my book and coffee while watching the world go by.

Shakespeare and company

It was late and dark Monday evening, and on top of that, it was raining 'cats and dogs' (every time I smile when hear this funny definition). After all day wondering around beautiful Paris, we knew that the day would not be completed until we will cross Laduree doorstep. I was so excited, probably too excited because when I happened to be inside I felt slightly disappointed. Is that it? (I thought to myself). Millions of people, several long queues with guiding arrows. To choose you six macaroons you have a minute, as people behind you are getting annoyed. So I felt rushed, the service was not very friendly, and a price is way too high (19 euros for six macaroons). However, they taste honestly good. I mean really good. Really, really good. But, I heart people talking that Gerard Mulot macaroons are as good as Laduree's and not so popular, so you can actually enjoy the whole procedure which costs you quite a lot.


Well, apparently it was not enough of sweet things for us. Another thing we wanted to check out was this beautiful cafe called Angelina. It was so different from Laduree (in a good way) that all the disappointment faded away and I was like a kid in front of the Disneyland's door. From the outside, you can see these cakes and colourful pastries, but from the inside, you can enjoy the view to Tuileries Garden. When we walked inside, we got the table (who knows, maybe the same as Coco Chanel or maybe Audrey Hepburn were having their lunch at, too) in this beautiful art deco dining room. Since we had only 20min to Dior exhibition and all the way we were running in high heels, I had to take them off right under this beautiful table, pretending that I am just fixing my trousers. Well, you can only imagine french faces... Okay, it was time to order and then the server - young, super professional and very French - approached us, we just together said (like a choir) "Hot chocolate, s'il vous plaît. The server smiled at us and replied with a very charming French accent "Excellent choice." This phrase has never been more accurate in my life. Bon Appetit!



Well, enough about sweet things lets move on to an actual food! Seafood lovers, you will love this part. Even though moules-frites is a Belgian thing, but Paris is not that far from the water and me, and my friend are both crazy about the seafood. The place we chose to fill our bellies with seafood is called Leon de Bruxelles, and it is situated right in the Saint Germain. It was an excellent choice, as I was not crowded, reasonably priced and very tasty! We had moules-frites in dijon mustard and white wine sauce. Simply delicious.


I could talk and talk about Parisian food, but then you would be sick and tired of reading that. So on that note, I am just going to move on to some other adventures. Have you ever seen the movie called "Cafe de Flore"? If yes, you know what I am going to talk about next. First of all, the soundtrack is so good that I would watch this movie just to listen to it again. Anyway, so there is this iconic cafe in St. Germain called... of course "Cafe de Flore." Imagine that all the best classic books you have read, have been written here (talks hyperbole). But, honestly, this place has a real charm. So old school and simple, but very magical at the same time. Only waiters, no waitresses. White table clothes and extravagant service. While enjoying our expensive wine (everything is really overpriced there) we were listening to some interesting conversations going on around us. Surprisingly, a man sitting next to us happened to be a very well known American director, who directed a movie "Soul Surfer." I told you, it's a magical place and very inspiring too!

Cafe de Flore

Paris and flowers are two inseparable things. Flower markets are all around the city center, so there should be no "finding flower" issues for romantics. In this case, I am a romantic person too. What can be better than wondering around these colourful markets with a coffee in one hand and fresh croissant in other? NOTHING. I want to feel the life with all my body and soul. If i had to illustrate Paris, it would be an elegant women with pearls in her ears, red lips and silky scarf around her neck with vintage Paris tag. Paris for some people is nothing and for some - everything. Well, not everyone is drinking champagne for breakfast, right? I love Parisian charm, even the rats are classy there! (Ratatouille movie)

Flower market

For me Paris is not a city, it is a WORLD!