Spain or España?

When in conversation appears the word SPAIN, many people tend to think straight away Barcelona, Tenerife or maybe Mallorca. And it is nothing wrong with that! Popular cities are popular because of massive tourist's wave, who are taking the same photos of the same touristic places and drinking 'cerveza' in the top trip advisor rated bars. However, I would like to introduce you to a bit more España rather than Spain, a bit more feeling than movement and a bit more culture than populism. Andalusia is all that and much more. I hope you will enjoy my Spanish story. ​


When it comes to my holiday planing I am strict like Miranda Priestly from "Devil wears Prada". I take it seriously. Who knows, maybe I will never be back? Research, research,research... Everything from places to stay and have my morning coffee. Sometimes, of course the plan slightly changes, but I always try to take 100% of my holiday. I chose Spain, not because I have never been there before, but it is a place I always want to come back. Food, vine, flamenco, Spanish guitar and siesta. Anything missing? Andalusia is called Spain's heart. It is a birthplace of this marvellous country's culture. I could not think of any better place to visit this time. I absolutely loved Morocco and it has a strong relationship and heritage to southern Spain. Say no more. I am in.

When we landed in Malaga it was 21:00 local time. We booked a car online, so basically just had to collect the keys from the office which is situated in Malaga's Airport. Spanish people are very well know for phrase "mañana, so I was kind of prepared that collecting our car can take more than one hour. However, to my surprise the whole procedure took us only 30min! All you need is a credit card. So at around 22.00 we were all in the car on the road to Seville. I cannot describe the feeling of Spanish evening weather. The smell of cedar wood, the sound of cikadas and the view of sky full of stars - luckily we hired the convertible car! No matter how hungry and tired we were, all of this compensate it a lot.

Well, I have mentioned Morocco already. And my love to Morocco. And the beauty of Morocco. Morocco...Morocco. This is why Alcazar was my first thing on my Seville's bucket list. It is so related to Morocco and it's architecture. I honestly felt like I was some kind of personage in one of the Moroccan fairy tales. P.S if you are interested in those, you should try and read "In Arabian nights" by Tahir Shah. I walked around and I felt like home. I mean my spiritually home. The home I was probably living in another life. So colourful, creative and charming. It is probably not for everyone, but if you are reading this you should go to Seville, experience 40 degree heat, drink ice cold "cerveza" and enjoy (in my eyes) one of the most beautiful architectural masterpiece of all time.

Spain is not only about food, beer and architecture. If you are a fan of active sports maybe you should consider Spain as your next destination. Surfing and kitesurfing are very popular sports in Andalusia. Ocean, clear water, massive waves and sandy beaches can definitely compete with other active sport resorts. Anywhere from Tarifa to Cadiz is perfect to catch the wave. Hydro costume and surf board hire was so reasonable that we couldn't resist the idea of staying another day there and Surf, Surf, Surf! Even if you are new to surfing you can get surfing lessons for a funny price too. We booked apartament in Cadiz, which is know for amazing seafood, and spent three days surfing there. Cadiz is probably one of the cheapest cities in Europe that i have been to. However, the old town and the beaches are mind-blowing!

Likewise, if you have ever dreamt of visiting Santorini, but you think that it is too expensive or overrated, I am not kidding but Spain shows advantages here again. Vejer de la Frontera. This is your answer. I don't know what else to say apart from that it is beautiful. Somewhere in the mountains, with the most beautiful scenery, white houses and warm people. It is a perfect place when you want to run out of the busy city, relax and become a part of this small community. God, please give me a chance to go back there again...

So here we go, Spain became España, touristy objects turned to new places and surfing replaced laying near the swimming pool "sport". Is it not better and more valuable to become a part of the country? A part of community? A part of their gastronomy treasures? I love taking different road, visiting less known different cities and just to be different in general. When people tell me that I am not normal, i always take it as a compliment. Come and travel with me. Come and see the different world. And, Spain, i will see you soon. Mañana?