Morocco - thousand and one night story

Morocco. Many things come to my head when i think about Morocco. Colours, smells, noise and people. When friends ask me to tell about my trip to Morocco, my answer is always the same - You have to go yourself. It's unexplainable. It is a feeling than anything else.I am travelling a lot and i mean it. But when it comes to Morocco... it is a way of life. Beautiful, colourful, maybe poor, but spiritual way of life. As i said before, words mean nothing when talking about this amazing country. So i will express my feelings through the photos. I really hope you will enjoy it as much as i enjoyed it taking them.

Their eyes say it all. I will never understand the balance in life. Rich countries have everything, but the concept of beauty. Morocco is poor, but look at the colours, aesthetics and interior. It is mind blowing. It is extraordinary.

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